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Do you need assistance with financial coaching, or learning the ins and outs of credit and debt?

If so, you are in the right place. We are ready to assist you on your journey to becoming financially literate! 

Honesty Package

The Honesty Package is great for those who are new to their financial journey or are looking to make a shift and develop a better relationship with their finances!

This is where you take back your power and take control of your finances! This package includes:

  • Personal Finance Basics Coaching

  • Money Mindset Coaching

  • (2) 1-hour coaching session (in-person/via video call)

  • 60 Day Financial Roadmap

 Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or defeated, this package is designed to help. Package includes services like:

  • Debt Management

  • Credit Management

  • Budgeting 101

  • Savings 101

  • Basic Investing

  • Financial Organization

  • Money Mindset Coaching

  • (4)1-hour coaching session (in-person/via video call)

  • 60 Day Financial Road Map

Helping Hand Package

The Helping Hand package is great for those who have a specific area within their personal finances they’d like to work on.

The Accountability Package changes just that by helping you stay on track to meet the financial goals you created.  This package includes:

  • Email access 

  • 90-Day Financial Roadmap

  • 3 x 1-hour Coaching Sessions

  • 3 x 30-Minute Coaching Sessions

  • 90 Days of Unlimited Email Support

Accountability Package

The accopackage is great for those who sometimes fall off course or lose momentum when no one is watching.

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